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HM business travel – our service is your time

Welcome to our world!

Here you can learn more about the origin and philosophy of our company and meet some of our team members.

You’ll also find news, facts and figures, a list of customers to date, and details of our social media presence. As a forward-looking company we are always on the lookout for new talent to join our team of specialists. Because HM Business Travel adds value through its expertise.

Mission and brand

We are service providers through and through – not to mention recipients of the German Travel Association’s seal of approval.

Our mission gives our activities a clear focus. It is based on our brand. Every brand should be based on a clear proposition, a central idea that expresses what the company stands for.

Our brand guides and inspires all our activities, from the services we offer, to our customer service, to the way we behave as a team and how we communicate as a company.

Our character and personality help us decide whom we trust and with whom we want to work.

Our pledge (our service is your time) is not an empty promise. It stands for how we behave. It describes our point of view and our ability to deliver in everything we do for our customers.

Company management

marc hasenack - Company

Marc Hasenack

Managing Director
Email: m.hasenack@hm-businesstravel.com

With many years of experience working in the hotel and travel industry to look back on, Marc Hasenack and Wolfgang Engelhardt founded HM business travel in April 2004.

Since Mr. Engelhardt’s sudden and unexpected death in 2008, Mr. Hasenack, who was born in 1973 in Haan near Dusseldorf, has been the company’s sole director.

The company, which today employs 9 people, all of whom are travel and hotel specialists, is today firmly established in the market as a customer-focused trade fair and business travel provider.

The HM business travel Team

Your Travel and Hotel Specialists

tobias dockweiler - Company

Tobias Dockweiler

Sales Manager
Email: t.dockweiler@hm-businesstravel.com

jennifer werker - Company

Jennifer Frank

Purchasing Manager on parental leave

susanne huber - Company

Susanne Gnade

Project Manager
Email: s.gnade@hm-businesstravel.com

tanja hasenack - Company

Tanja Hasenack

Email: t.hasenack@hm-businesstravel.com

khadija rhazi - Company

Khadija Rhazi-Khallouki 

Asst. Reservation Manager
Email: k.rhazi@hm-businesstravel.com

jessica - Company

Jessica Ribbe 

Reservation Manager
Email: j.ribbe@hm-businesstravel.com

annika riese - Company

Annika Riese 

Project Manager on parental leave

Markus Woelfle HM business travel - Company

Markus Woelfle

Project Manager
Email: m.woelfle@hm-businesstravel.com

Social Media

We use social media to better understand your needs and communicate with you via multiple channels.

What this means specifically for you is that we receive your feedback, suggestions and enquiries directly

Our Support Service

The HM business travel team is now even quicker to respond to your needs. Which of course helps you save time. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing.

We look forward to seeing you there!